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Job Placement Assistance

New Professions Technical Institute operates a job placement assistance office created to assist its students and graduates during their job seeking process. This office and the school faculty members join efforts to help students reach their employment goals. This is achieved by assisting students with the preparation of job-related documents and maintaining information about job offers. The job placement assistance services are always available for the Institute’s graduates. Full cooperation from graduates and prospective graduates is essential; therefore, it is required to improve the chances of finding jobs. Although the Institute does not guarantee employment upon graduation, the success of this effort is highly important for the Institution. Job placement assistance services are offered at no charge.

Parking and Transportation

Convenient free parking is available at the school for students, faculty and staff. The parking entrance is along SW 41st Avenue in front of Premier Best Western Hotel. Miami-Dade County Transportation Department offers a Bus Pass program to all active students in the county. To participate in this program and receive a reduced price bus pass for an entire month pass the student must do the following: a. Report to the Financial Aid department and pay a nominal fee for the bus pass. b. Payment is to be made 10 – 15 days prior to the end of the month for the next month’s bus pass. c. The bus passes will be available at the Reception Desk between the last day of the current month and up to two days into the new month or as ordered by the Miami-Dade County Transportation Department.

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